Friday, November 18, 2005

Another Med Update

Time sure passes by when you don't pay attention, doesn't it? It's football season and I have been paying more attention to my bama blog than I have to this one lately, it's paid off though, getting loads of hits over there!

Well, It's been a couple of doctor's appointments since the last time I posted anything. October's appointment wasn't much to talk about really. Just another check on my weight issue (witch I still say isn't a issue!) and I did have labs done. I wasn't able to get my annual flu shot because of lags but that was taken care of this month, so no worries there. I did have labs done in October, so at least that gives me something to update about as far as my results.

The good news is...

My t-cell count is up to 418, for real this time. Wohoo. I'm still in shock because my tcell count has never been this high in the last 11 years. Very good news. My viral load, up also. It's not bad though, has been much higher in the past, this time 7,000 ppm.

Back problems are still persisiting. My brother the "physical therapist" suggested I do some crunches because it would not only help my back but slim down my tummy. Well, it's probably helping my tummy more than my back. I think actually I over did it the last time I did them because I sure was hating life the next day. I did 50 on Monday, Tuesday I could only manage 30, and had to force myself to do them. Wednesday I was in he**. Back spasms galore. I did manage to work most of the day, but did leave early. Tummy hurt, like it was supposed to, witch I didn't care about too much, but those darn spasms are not pleaseant at all. I could definately do without that. I won't give up on them though. After loosing close to 100lbs I do need a bit of help with the "flabs" I'm experiencing. Besides, I'm too darn stubborn. lol. I have also been forcing myself to get out and walk for 30 min a day. I'm not talking no little stroll around the block either, I'm talking high paced walking up hill type of thing. Felt that too...again, don't mind so much because I expect there to be some pain after exercise, but my shins felt like they were bruised! lol. Needless to say the last couple of days I have been slacking a bit hoping my back would recover so I can get back on the ball this weekend.

No weight loss this time around, however I don't put too much stock in it because, well, woman stuff was going on. lol. Actually, I had gained a couple of pounds, but on Monday when I weighed myself I was at 163, so I'm sticking with that. *wink* I sure would like to break that 160...and maybe 20 more pounds after that. Everyone says I look great, and I'm thin...I just look in the mirror and I don't see it. No worries, I don't think I'm aneroxic or anything, I guess it just takes time to get used to being smaller than what I was at one time.

Personal stuff. Well, things are icky for me right now in that department. I'm contemplating the thought of being single again, and with that comes the horrors of dating again. I'm looking good, not a problem. Problem lies in the whole "I'm hiv+" thing that tends to send the fellas off and running in the other direction. I have come to the realization that once you get to know me as a person, you either love me or hate me, and generally speaking I think most people love me. lol. What can I say, I'm a kind and loving person, nothing I wouldn't do for you as long as it is within my power.

My biggest problem is how and when to tell someone I'm positive, especially a "potential". As I have mentioned before, I have a hard time "talking" about it to begin with. It's not a subject that just automatically comes up in conversation. So, if any of you out there happen to read this, I have a question for you. Say you met a person, attractive, fun, loving, all the qualities you could possibly ever want in a mate, would you continue a relationship with him/her after discovering they were hiv +? I would really appreciate any feedback on this subject for future reference.

I'm outta here for the night, want to try and update my bama blog before the big IRON BOWL tomarrow. :) ROLL TIDE!

Monday, October 10, 2005


I guess I have been slacking a bit on updating this med blog. Well, actually I thought I had after my sis left, but evidently I spaced it somehow.

This is what has been going on...

Katrina hit, my sis lives just outside of New Orleans (20 miles or so) so after my neice's Christening in Tuscaloosa, my sister and her family came to stay with me. Needless to say I had a house full and not much time to post anything.

Medical wise, well, my bubble was burst. My T-cell counts went down, and my viral load went back up. Not good news considering I was hoping this round of cocktails would work for me. I have been feeling pretty good all things considered. I'm still having problems with my back, but I suppose that is going to be a ongoing issue with me for the rest of my life. I have a doctor's appointment next week, more or less a follow up with the doctor because of my weight loss. I haven't lost any weight, but with my sister here and the amount of times we went out to eat, I'm not surprised. I was surprised that I didn't gain any weight, but I didn't. I'm not complaining mind you.

I don't have labs done again, I think, until next month. (Nov) I have been suffering a bit with the peanut dust. Never in my life have I had allergies, move to Alabama, and whammo. The area I live around is known for peanut growing, we even have a Peanut Festival witch is next month also. Crazy thing is that I love to eat peanuts, but boy that stupid dust that they kick up when they dig up the peanuts is something else. Lucky me, lives about a mile from a processing plant, so needless to say I have been doing the whole sneezing, runny nose, couphing thing for the better part of the month.

Other than watching the Crimson Tide kick butt, nothing much is going on. I have been working on a new template for one of my other blogs...just finished it up, and it looks awesome, of course. lol. Yeah, tooting my own horn.

Hope everyone out there is safe and doing well!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Medical Update

Well, here it is two weeks later and I'm back with another medical update. Basically today's appointment was to go over lab results and get a prescription for my constant back problems.

Lab results...mixed, as usual. Pap is clear. Good news. T-cell count, 556!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never ever ever has my t-cell count been so high! Great news, right? Well, the NP said not to get my hopes up because such a drastic jump from 232 to 556 is not likely and it could be a lab error. Talk about bursting my bubble. I was about in tears when she said it was so high. Viral load went up a bit, but she said it wasn't anything to be concerned about. It's above 50ppm, but not a lot. Needless to say I had labs REDONE today to check out the tcell and viral loads.

Lost another 3lbs. Ok, so I have changed my diet...a little. Not a lot, mind you, not like I can afford to buy steak every day. I have been buying more fresh vege's and fruit and when I get the munchies (not often mind you) instead of sitting and chowing down on a bag of chips, I have an apple, or orange. I have been actually trying to force myself to eat more, but I'm not succeeding very well. When I am full, I'm full, and when I'm not hungry, I'm not. I do make myself eat at least twice a day, but even sometimes that is hard to do, and I don't end up eating very much. I thought maybe once I cut down on the caffine intake that would maybe help out my appetite, but it doesn't seem to be. *shrugging shoulders* Doc said I look great, so THERE! :) Did however order a chest exam and spinal exam.

On to that back thing. When the doc examined me he had me bend over and I showed him exactly where the pain starts, and how it radiates out across my entire back. He said it's inbetween the t-11 and 12 lumbar? I'm not good with all that technical stuff. Anyhow, what he thinks is that I somehow may have fractured that area and I NEED to have a X-ray. Fine and dandy, I can't pay for it. My social worker has been given the task to call around and find out how much it is going to cost and see if MAO can pay for it. We'll see. Unfortunately, the STATE has cut a lot of funds to MAO and any "extra" stuff may not be available anymore. They even had to do away with the food bank. How sad is that? I didn't use it very often, but I know a lot of other patients did use it often because they had to, now they are without.

Anyhooo, he also prescribed me the Flexer-all for my back. I'm supposed to take half a pill in the am, and half when I get home, and a whole one before bed time. He also made it very clear that if I'm in extreme pain I should not work because I may make whatever is going on with my back worse, I'm not to lift anything over ten pounds, yadda yadda yadda. I have to wait till next week in order to get the precription filled...I'm broke because of all the time off I have had to take. Fortunately it's one of the drugs that is on the Patient Assistance program, so after I pay for this one prescription, I won't have to anymore after that. Oh, and to make matters worse, my back felt fine today until the Doc started poking around that area on my back and the spasms just flared right up! It's not too bad right now, hopefully it will settle down before I have to go into work tomarrow. (Please, I hope!)

Well, that covers it, folks. Hope everyone is doing fine, kiss the kids for me, and yes, I got insurance on the car. :-) (Family, of course, but you can kiss your kids for me too, if ya want. I love the lil buggers!)